I am introducing you


I do not want to drop the phone, but I realize that overuse of technology is damaging us.
I want technology to be a good servant again!

What is it all about?

Digital technology is changing our lives.

Research shows that nowadays we spend more time with digital media than sleep. They get rid of the need to perform mental work. What we have done before by reason is now provided by computers, smartphones, organizers, and navigation. This brings danger.

By letting digital media control over all areas of our lives, people become dependent on us. Children will be at risk of poor motor development, communication, and ability to establish good social relationships and empathy.

There is a dependence that can inevitably damage the mind and the body.

Working life would not go without technology today. But we have a duty to set everything up in a way that does not interfere with our privacy and rest. We will answer the question of how not to be 24/7/365 online, but still know the essentials. Answers and much more on DigiDetox!

What causes overuse of technology?

  • Stress,
  • worse relationships,
  • disturbances of concentration,
  • sleep Disorders,
  • depression,
  • overweight,
  • increased procrastion.

Help improve:

  • critical thinking,
  • relationships,
  • efficiency,
  • personal satisfaction,
  • in the development of cooperation and creative thinking.