Teacher and therapist

Matěj Krejčí

I admitted my own Internet addiction.

I have noticed that due to overuse of technology, I have worsened my satisfaction, relationships, workload, sleep, and especially physical and mental health.

I decided to deal with it and not to be under the pressure of the neighborhood, the market, or my own guesswork. I realized I wanted to own the technology again, not being their slave. I want to use them when I want to, and when not, when it hurts or alerts me about technology. I aim to use technology to develop my own potential.

I'm looking for solutions, tools and methods that I apply to my life through my studies. I want to spread knowledge about behavioral addiction. Helping your surroundings to be content with behavior, dealing with self-interest and with your surroundings. Will you join?


  • Certified therapist of the "Solution Orientation"
  • Lecturer and consultant of GrowJOB Institute
  • Organizer The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment
  • Organizer of the World Conference is a bold one
  • Certified lecturer laughs
  • Part of the Inspirational Morning and DobroKáva project