The aim of the workshops is to bring knowledge that can be applied to practice.

The workshop will specifically tell you:

  • What is NoMoFobia and Fomo?
  • What are DigiDetox solutions?
  • How do technologies influence our thinking, social ties and empathy? And how to avoid this influence?
  • How to properly use the Internet for your benefit and not to waste time too much?
  • How does technology have the quality of sleep and how to make good sleep?
  • How does digital technology affect our memory and focus?

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Turn the environment to your own advantage,
  • maintain stronger relationships with family, friends and colleagues,
  • to acquire methods to achieve good sleep,
  • critically think about technology,
  • efficiently use beneficial applications,
  • and much more...

The aim of the workshop is to make participants understand how to use technology effectively and not become victims.